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What is Software Quality Assurance? - A Beginners Guide

Do you want to become a certified software QA professional? Whether you consider it a new job or career, becoming an accredited software testing and quality assurance expert will allow you to write code without the added hassle of being a system admin or developer. It is also the ideal career path for you if you love computing and work as a full-time developer.

However, it would be best to hear what the experts have to say before pursuing your career goals. The same holds for aspiring QA professionals. To become a successful QA professional, you will need to use multiple tools and skills. You also have to be tenacious, attentive and patient to succeed. Fortunately for you, this guide will prep you for what is about to come.

What Does a Software Quality Assurance Professional Do?

To begin with, let us understand what this job is all about. You require considerable skills to become a successful quality assurance professional. Here are the significant types of expertise you should develop:
Front-End Testing. This application is all about the application's user interface.

Back-End Testing. An expertise that focuses on business logic and database structure. Back-end testing also exercises other crucial parts of the applications that users do not interact with.

Writing Test Plans. Software quality assurance professionals learn how to write test plans to ensure each application path is exercised.

Systems Testing. You will also be involved in the process of monitoring how the application interacts with different systems.

Security Testing. Developing this skill allows you to stop cybercriminals from accessing the site and exploiting the weak links.

Accessibility Testing. This skill enables you to develop software that everyone can use.

You will also have to decide whether you will become a black-box tester, grey-box tester, or white-box tester. Black-box tester does not know how the system functions, while white-box testers are aware of the system's structure they are testing. Grey-box testing is a combination of these two fields.

Moreover, you will have to decide whether you will be performing manual testing and automated testing. However, it is vital to note that computerized testers have more opportunities than manual testers.
When starting, you do not have to specialize immediately. It is advisable to try each position to discover what you love. You will also become versatile, which will help you find opportunities in small companies that deal with multiple tasks in one week.

What Do You Need to Succeeded?

Become an established software quality assurance specialist does not have to be a complex task if you have the skills and motivation to do well. First, you will have an advantage if you have vital computer tools and computer languages. Above all, your attributes will dictate your success.

What is Software Quality Assurance? - A Beginners Guide
What Does a Software Quality Assurance Professional Do?
What Do You Need to Succeeded?

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