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Free introduction lesson
February 28
3 PM Pacific Time
The webinar is for
Immigrants in the USA, who want to settle in and to start making the American dream come true
Those who lost their jobs because of the crisis and still can't find a new one
Home staying moms who seek to change their lifestyle and to provide for themselves
People who are unhappy with their job and salary and want to get a promising high-paid position

When is the best time to start a career in QA

QA career and job market overview

Understanding Quality Assurance and testing practices

What do you need and don't need for a successful start

Most common beginner mistakes

What a good QA does

How to test software

How to find and get a job in the US

"QA in USA" course overview
Moreover, there will be a practical part of the lesson, where you will actually see what QA is about and how does it work
What will you get after the webinar
You will get a step-by-step plan for mastering the bright QA profession that you just need to implement. You will get motivated and supported by a professional with 9 years of experience. You will understand that everything is possible even if you don't have any skills and are not familiar with IT. You are willing to act now in order to reach a new level of income enjoying your job just in a few months.
The speakers
First IT job: 2012

Moved to San Diego from Ukraine in 2016

Lead QA Automation Engineer with more than 9 years in Automation Testing

Junior → Senior → Team Lead

Job interviewing experience: "I know exactly what you need to know for a successful interview because I am the interviewer:)"

CTFL/ISTQB certified

Alex Kara
"Many times I helped my friends learn software quality assurance and get their first job. And one day I thought:

"Why am I losing time? There are many more people who need my help!"

And here I am to support you at your start.

Who's with me?"
"QA in USA" Leader
Moved to the USA from Ukraine in 2013

First IT job in US in 2015

Manual test engineer → Java automation test engineer → Senior test engineer

G oo gle Branch Apple

Job interviews experience

Mentoring experience (including tech for kids)
Iaroslava Kornachevska
"QA in USA" instructor
In USA from 2011

Lead Software Test Engineer/Test Program Manager

First IT project in USA in 2016

Junior manual QA → Senior → Lead → Test Program Manager

G o ogle (Youtube, Google My Business, Google Maps, etc.)

Self made QA expert with experience in manual testing, managing teams, IT interviewing, mentoring and previous teaching background experience
Natalie Sinipolskaya
"QA in USA" instructor
DevOps and Test Automation specialist

Over 20 years of experience in QA

Software Design Engineer → Sr. Software Engineer → Lead QA Automation Engineer

Mi c ro so ftCompliance Int erp re taGDotCostco

Discovered a bug that costed Amazon over $3 million

Very special guest
"QA in USA" guest
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